4 Reasons To Add Sterling Silver Stud Earrings In Your Jewelry Collecton

Sep 26

4 Reasons To Add Sterling Silver Stud Earrings In Your Jewelry Collecton

Understated, classic and elegant, sterling silver studs goes with every outfit you wear. Sterling stud earrings is a must to add in your collection of jewelry as you will definitely find them suits with the majority of your closet and you surely do not want to miss such a piece.

Sterling silver stud hoops are sexy whereas the chandelier silver earrings are glamorous. The stylish square CZ stud earrings with a halo is intoxicating whereas the bangles are fun and youthful. No matter what your choice may be, on-trend sterling silver stud earrings will definitely complete your look.

But exactly why should every women have a few pars of sterling silver studs in her collection? You definitely need a few reasons showing that it is a must in your jewelry collection so here are those reasons that you are looking for:

  1. Sterling Silver Stud Earrings are Versatile:

The term versatility shows that the sterling silver stud earrings can go with almost every outfit you wear no matter whether it is a formal black dress or a pair of jeans and top and everything else in between. You can comfortably wear them in your work and keep them on as you wander around town having your pair of heels on. They can be successfully worn on almost any event ranging from a formal business meeting to a kid’s birthday party or even on a date with your partner.

  1. They Draw Endless Compliments:

Sterling silver stud earrings have a mysterious ability to grab the attention of the crowd and draw it to your face, neck and hair. The sole focus is on your personality rather than a pair of chandelier earrings. Sterling silver stud earrings speaks for itself and make you look intelligent and well-educated. It gives you a catchy and elegant look that a women is always looking for in every event.

  1. Sterling Silver Stud Earrings are Always in Fashion:

Right after the piercing of ears of little girls to their graves, sterling silver stud earrings are the ones that are always in fashion. Sterling silver stud earrings are always trendy and they are the best choice for women of every age. They are often the cheapest piece of jewelry from gold and platinum.

  1. Silver Studs are Keepsakes:

Silver studs are not only the best keepsakes but they can also be passed on from one generation to the other as their design and trend never gets out of fashion. Proper storage and cleaning of the studs is all that is required.

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The Difference Between Fashion Jewellery And Costume Jewellery

Sep 10

Dating back hundreds of years, accessories have been encouraged and have added value to the human beings. It not only has been abeauty to the owner over the years, but it also has been improved to fit the need better, to the wearer. It has also made the wearer, women and men both alike, feel gorgeous, as they have something to accent their carefully selected dress or to complement their neckline.

What Is Costume Jewellery And Fashion Jewellery?

Costume jewellery is low priced jewellery, using low carat gold and other sterling silver with the use of semi-precious or ordinary stones for imitation. They are usually low costing in terms of price, as they are commonly worn for simple occasions and parties alike. Fashion Jewellery are part of costume jewellery, but which are worn for a particular purpose, which could be fashionable, like a wrist watch or a wedding ring accessory, etc.

There are several similarities between the Fashion jewellery and the Costume Jewellery. Both have the same concept to have the imitation of the expensive ones. They are imitated and cut down on the costs through theuse of metals like plated metals, glass and rhinestones, semi-precious stones, etc. The purpose of this is to create a platform in between the cheap everyday worn jewellery and the costly ones, which are treated as heirlooms. They are, therefore, worn on nice occasions, like parties, weddings, etc.


How Do They Differ?

Costume jewellery ismore of glass work and cheap rhinestones, what is commonly called as ‘junk jewellery’, whereas the fashion jewellery is more of sterling silver, with simple and elegant designs, to imitate the modern designs that are now out in the market. However, the Costume jewellery are more commonly used and are themed, to imitate a state of theart, with huge attractive rhinestones and glass stones, and not exactly in a subtle way.

The word fashion is added to this kind of jewellery because of its ability to keep up with the modern style and the current trend of the society as of now, without having to spend an exorbitant amount on obtaining them. Costume jewellery came into existence somewhere around the 1930’s, when the Hollywood directors and producers decided to leave out fine jewellery and instead, covered their stars in imitation. This was so because of the security issues, and also, the amount of cost it cut on their budget. These became quite popular, as they were the most sensible thing to do, and hence, the word costume represented these line of jewellery.

Whatever may be the name, in a nutshell, this can be described and explained better in a way that, Firstly, both Costume and fashion jewellery can be explained as examples of imitation and cheap jewellery, as they are imitations of the fine jewellery, with the uses of less precious items. For example, fine jewellery may use costly metal like real Gold, whereas imitation jewellery may only use a metal that has been plated with gold. Either way, what constitutes to make you feel precious should be treated as the same, after all, that is what is important

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Facts About the History of Pendants

Sep 07

Ever related to the fact that the beautiful pear shaped and diamond studded pendant you saw in the store window last night was one of its kind? Ever felt the simple joy of wearing a simple chain with a beautiful pendant for a date and felt elegant and beautiful in doing so? Like every other beautiful thing on earth, this too has a story.

Pendants came into existence in the primitive age, when the people, men, and women alike, had taken to wearing talisman as a token for their protection against evil. Wearing amulets and other talismans were common among the people, especially the red Indians, from whom, this concept existed.


  • The word pendant is derived from the French word ‘pendre’, which means ‘to hang down,’
  • The pendants were primarily made of teeth, stone, or even animal bones. They were bound with a string or pieces of straw and tied around the neck. This is believed to hold strong magic, with the ability to protect the wearer from any dark magic.
  • During the middle age, the pendants used were more for a religious purpose than The pendants were seen to bear the symbols and signs of the various religions to show their support. This is how the trend of wearing a rosary came into being.
  • During the 16th century, the pendants became something of a fashion accessory for the wearer. During the Renaissance period, the chains and the pendants were studded with precious stones and decorated.
  • The stones of the precious and semi-precious variety were used, where they were polished and cut into various shapes and crowned with a necklace and worn. Lockets were also highly in use, where a small box with a clasp was made, to hold tiny objects. Initially, they were used to hold poison for the spy, in case the person was caught within the enemy lines. Later, it was used to hold pictures of the loved ones.
  • The pendants were another way of showing their beliefs in the early periods. The pendants were given shapes of mermaids, tritons, animals, ships and other mythical creatures, mainly from the Greek background.
  • Pendants were both worn by men and women initially. The pendant designing was taken seriously. Using the crude instruments of those times, the pendants were engraved with crude pictures and figurines and then polished and cut into various shapes to be worn.
  • Later during the years, the pendants were replaced by medallions, which were used for various reasons, including funerals of kings and officials.

There is so much history in those pendants, so next time you see a crystal and silver chain to buy for your wedding or to match an outfit for a party, think about how it came into being, and how much work is involved in giving your that top class, polished final product. The existence of something so beautiful will blow your mind when you read on the slow formation of these pendants as fashion accessories.

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Tips on Buying Fashion Jewellery

Sep 02

Almost everyone wants to pamper themselves with gems to make them look pretty and noticeable. Fashion jewellery has been changing for years and now, has made the market unbeatable. They make great presents, they are cheap and affordable and help you look beautiful. The problem faced my many, however, are their lack of confidence in selecting a good piece of jewellery that will look good on them. Here are a few tips that will help you decide.

  • Stay Simple: If you have just started experimenting on jewellery, it is better to start simple, as this will be the first time people will see you with jewellery and you don’t want to scare them. It is, therefore, better to start simple with minimal jewellery like a small chain or just a ring and find out how you like it.
  • Be Comfortable: Since you would be spending a considerable amount of time and money on selecting the perfect jewellery, make sure that you are comfortable in them. If the colour is too bright or makes your skin tone look patchy, you don’t have to buy it, even if it’s cheaper.
  • Keep It Real: For men and women, it is advisable to keep the jewellery real. The concept is that the jewellery should complement your outfit, not the other way around. If you’re going for metallic jewellery like cuff links and tie pin, make sure that they are of the same colour. It will definitely look odd spoil your attire of they are of different colours.


  • For those who believe in science, it has been proven by scientists that stones have a tendency to affect the mood of the person. For example, thepearl has the ability to make the person feel calmer and to reduce mood swings for the wearer. Diamonds can bring wealth to the wearer. For those going for health benefits, select a stone that suits your body type.
  • Buy Sensibly: Remember that you are going to be wearing these pieces for more than just the one time. So, think if you will be able to match them with many outfits. If the item is costly, it must at least be worth it. Usually, black or standard colours like silver can be worn with many outfits and colours. For this reason, it is excusable to spend a higher amount than just the standard.
  • Keep A Budget: Fashion jewellery may range in their costs, depending on the amount of work spent on them and the worth of the metal or gem used. The current trend is glass works, which are of different colours. They are cheap to buy and also look great with Indian wear.

Pamper yourself with the best you think you deserve, but also, be sensible before planning to splurge on luxury. There is a million variety to choose from; you only have to be confident and comfortable in your skin. Knowing about the jewellery also helps, as it can prevent anyone from taking you for granted and selling you overpriced.

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Top Five Reasons Why I Love Fashion Jewellery

Aug 25

Fashion Jewellery have been something of a craze from the coming years for its many reasons. They are great for using and gifting, as everyone is bound to find something they like from the million choices available. They are also great to collect, as the designs and style of the fashion jewellery vary from country to country. For example, women of Africa wear heavy metal bangles, which are found in their land, whereas, the people of India prefer light metal or glass, with vibrant colours to match their outfit. They are not only cheap but easy to dispose and have a million variety of choices to suit your needs.

Easy Availability:I love how fashion jewellery is the easiest thing to shop for. This is so because it is found in abundance. The business of making and selling fashion jewellery has become so popular that it is common to find a fashion street, dedicated to selling this jewellery. They are also in good bargaining price. That is, when you’re unhappy with a particular rate, just walk out and find something similar for a rate that best suits you. It’s that easy.

Fits The Budget: The fashion jewellery usually adopts to use cheap metals and plated items to imitate the fine jewellery. Therefore, the cost of creating the product is considerably cheaper compared to themaking of the fine jewellery. The quality is compromised but it is affordable by most of the population, and so their demand is also continuous. Many people opt to buy fashion jewellery for they are cheap and affordable. They don’t have to worry about the price cutting a hole in their pockets, instead, buy a variety for every occasion.

Safety: The low price is the result of the cheaper substitutes adopted to make the jewellery. For instance, the gold chain in replaced with a cheaper but resisting metal, which is only plated with gold. This, therefore, is reduced in cost but also value, even though it looks the same. Therefore, there is no need for the owner to constantly worry about it being stolenby chain snatchers. Even if it is, it doesn’t really affect them much because of their low cost.

Keeps With The Trend:From the million manufacturing companies of these fashion jewellery, you can always find something that keeps changing, the trend. The companies research the current trends of the present market in the society and manufacture them for your needs. Unlike fine jewellery which opts standardisation and classy, you would find fashion jewellery to better suit your needs. There is a range of options to select from. A classy plated chain for your everyday outfit, a heavy junk chain for your party mood or even authentic personalised and customised ones to give them as gifts.

Sentiment: Fashion Jewellery can be easily made by anyone. One doesn’t have to have a brilliant artistic mind to do it too. There are many ‘make it yourself’ kits and DIY projects that are found online and in YouTube for your guidance.

These brilliant reasons keep me going back for more because they’re trendy and affordable. What’s more, they make great presents to show that you really care.

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