Facts About the History of Pendants

Sep 07

Ever related to the fact that the beautiful pear shaped and diamond studded pendant you saw in the store window last night was one of its kind? Ever felt the simple joy of wearing a simple chain with a beautiful pendant for a date and felt elegant and beautiful in doing so? Like every other beautiful thing on earth, this too has a story.

Pendants came into existence in the primitive age, when the people, men, and women alike, had taken to wearing talisman as a token for their protection against evil. Wearing amulets and other talismans were common among the people, especially the red Indians, from whom, this concept existed.


  • The word pendant is derived from the French word ‘pendre’, which means ‘to hang down,’
  • The pendants were primarily made of teeth, stone, or even animal bones. They were bound with a string or pieces of straw and tied around the neck. This is believed to hold strong magic, with the ability to protect the wearer from any dark magic.
  • During the middle age, the pendants used were more for a religious purpose than The pendants were seen to bear the symbols and signs of the various religions to show their support. This is how the trend of wearing a rosary came into being.
  • During the 16th century, the pendants became something of a fashion accessory for the wearer. During the Renaissance period, the chains and the pendants were studded with precious stones and decorated.
  • The stones of the precious and semi-precious variety were used, where they were polished and cut into various shapes and crowned with a necklace and worn. Lockets were also highly in use, where a small box with a clasp was made, to hold tiny objects. Initially, they were used to hold poison for the spy, in case the person was caught within the enemy lines. Later, it was used to hold pictures of the loved ones.
  • The pendants were another way of showing their beliefs in the early periods. The pendants were given shapes of mermaids, tritons, animals, ships and other mythical creatures, mainly from the Greek background.
  • Pendants were both worn by men and women initially. The pendant designing was taken seriously. Using the crude instruments of those times, the pendants were engraved with crude pictures and figurines and then polished and cut into various shapes to be worn.
  • Later during the years, the pendants were replaced by medallions, which were used for various reasons, including funerals of kings and officials.

There is so much history in those pendants, so next time you see a crystal and silver chain to buy for your wedding or to match an outfit for a party, think about how it came into being, and how much work is involved in giving your that top class, polished final product. The existence of something so beautiful will blow your mind when you read on the slow formation of these pendants as fashion accessories.

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