The Difference Between Fashion Jewellery And Costume Jewellery

Sep 10

Dating back hundreds of years, accessories have been encouraged and have added value to the human beings. It not only has been abeauty to the owner over the years, but it also has been improved to fit the need better, to the wearer. It has also made the wearer, women and men both alike, feel gorgeous, as they have something to accent their carefully selected dress or to complement their neckline.

What Is Costume Jewellery And Fashion Jewellery?

Costume jewellery is low priced jewellery, using low carat gold and other sterling silver with the use of semi-precious or ordinary stones for imitation. They are usually low costing in terms of price, as they are commonly worn for simple occasions and parties alike. Fashion Jewellery are part of costume jewellery, but which are worn for a particular purpose, which could be fashionable, like a wrist watch or a wedding ring accessory, etc.

There are several similarities between the Fashion jewellery and the Costume Jewellery. Both have the same concept to have the imitation of the expensive ones. They are imitated and cut down on the costs through theuse of metals like plated metals, glass and rhinestones, semi-precious stones, etc. The purpose of this is to create a platform in between the cheap everyday worn jewellery and the costly ones, which are treated as heirlooms. They are, therefore, worn on nice occasions, like parties, weddings, etc.


How Do They Differ?

Costume jewellery ismore of glass work and cheap rhinestones, what is commonly called as ‘junk jewellery’, whereas the fashion jewellery is more of sterling silver, with simple and elegant designs, to imitate the modern designs that are now out in the market. However, the Costume jewellery are more commonly used and are themed, to imitate a state of theart, with huge attractive rhinestones and glass stones, and not exactly in a subtle way.

The word fashion is added to this kind of jewellery because of its ability to keep up with the modern style and the current trend of the society as of now, without having to spend an exorbitant amount on obtaining them. Costume jewellery came into existence somewhere around the 1930’s, when the Hollywood directors and producers decided to leave out fine jewellery and instead, covered their stars in imitation. This was so because of the security issues, and also, the amount of cost it cut on their budget. These became quite popular, as they were the most sensible thing to do, and hence, the word costume represented these line of jewellery.

Whatever may be the name, in a nutshell, this can be described and explained better in a way that, Firstly, both Costume and fashion jewellery can be explained as examples of imitation and cheap jewellery, as they are imitations of the fine jewellery, with the uses of less precious items. For example, fine jewellery may use costly metal like real Gold, whereas imitation jewellery may only use a metal that has been plated with gold. Either way, what constitutes to make you feel precious should be treated as the same, after all, that is what is important

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