Tips on Buying Fashion Jewellery

Sep 02

Almost everyone wants to pamper themselves with gems to make them look pretty and noticeable. Fashion jewellery has been changing for years and now, has made the market unbeatable. They make great presents, they are cheap and affordable and help you look beautiful. The problem faced my many, however, are their lack of confidence in selecting a good piece of jewellery that will look good on them. Here are a few tips that will help you decide.

  • Stay Simple: If you have just started experimenting on jewellery, it is better to start simple, as this will be the first time people will see you with jewellery and you don’t want to scare them. It is, therefore, better to start simple with minimal jewellery like a small chain or just a ring and find out how you like it.
  • Be Comfortable: Since you would be spending a considerable amount of time and money on selecting the perfect jewellery, make sure that you are comfortable in them. If the colour is too bright or makes your skin tone look patchy, you don’t have to buy it, even if it’s cheaper.
  • Keep It Real: For men and women, it is advisable to keep the jewellery real. The concept is that the jewellery should complement your outfit, not the other way around. If you’re going for metallic jewellery like cuff links and tie pin, make sure that they are of the same colour. It will definitely look odd spoil your attire of they are of different colours.


  • For those who believe in science, it has been proven by scientists that stones have a tendency to affect the mood of the person. For example, thepearl has the ability to make the person feel calmer and to reduce mood swings for the wearer. Diamonds can bring wealth to the wearer. For those going for health benefits, select a stone that suits your body type.
  • Buy Sensibly: Remember that you are going to be wearing these pieces for more than just the one time. So, think if you will be able to match them with many outfits. If the item is costly, it must at least be worth it. Usually, black or standard colours like silver can be worn with many outfits and colours. For this reason, it is excusable to spend a higher amount than just the standard.
  • Keep A Budget: Fashion jewellery may range in their costs, depending on the amount of work spent on them and the worth of the metal or gem used. The current trend is glass works, which are of different colours. They are cheap to buy and also look great with Indian wear.

Pamper yourself with the best you think you deserve, but also, be sensible before planning to splurge on luxury. There is a million variety to choose from; you only have to be confident and comfortable in your skin. Knowing about the jewellery also helps, as it can prevent anyone from taking you for granted and selling you overpriced.

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